Nowadays that everyone is working from home. People are hyper concerned about lumbar or low back support while they’re sitting in their chairs, a completely valid concern. A lot of people get lots of pillows, cushions, or braces, or that super awesome desk chair to help with low back support.

And I’m not saying that you should not be focused on that. However, what I am saying is, since everyone is so concerned with low back support, they forget about giving their neck or cervical spine support as well. So let me show you what I mean.

Just go ahead there. Okay.

When you’re maintaining adequate cervical or neck support with a pillow like that, you’re going to prevent tension from building up in your neck and your shoulders, which will lead to less tension headaches, stress, and overall you’ll have better energy levels during the day.

So remember, don’t neglect your neck.


If you want to try out a pillow just like that, just drop a comment below and you can come by the office and pick one up and try one on us.