When I was 18 years old, I took a tremendous leap of faith in my life.

It was a huge risk – maybe the biggest risk I’ve ever taken – but I did it anyway. I moved from New York state, all the way across the country to California.  I had barely any money in my pocket, maybe $400 at most.

When I made that big move, I had no money, and I had no car.  I had no house. I had no nothing.

During, before, and shortly after my move from New York state to California, there was absolutely a lot of negativity surrounding my decision.  A lot of people in the community that I came from were saying, “Oh, she’ll be back in six months.  She’ll come back.”

I’ll never forget that and the things they said and the way it made me feel.

This actually fueled me to pick up and restart my undergraduate education in California. I was busy, to say the very least.  I was taking classes all day almost every day. I was taking night classes and I was taking weekend classes, all while working a minimum wage job. I was driving all around the state to do these classes and get my education.

And you can imagine, it wasn’t easy at all.  I had a lot to do and a lot on my plate, and I was struggling to put gas in my car.  I often had to choose gas over buying groceries, but I was so determined to get through my undergraduate pre-med education.

I knew that if I completed my undergraduate pre-med eduation, then I could go to chiropractic school and do what I love every day – which is to help people.

Thankfully, it was all worth it, because that’s exactly what I’m doing now.