I want to share with you a story about a wonderful friend of mine named Mary Anne.



Mary Anne had suffered with chronic pain or severe fibromyalgia for the past 30 years of her life. She would sometimes describe the pain as like a burning fire that would sear through her entire body, especially when she was trying to do the most simple of daily tasks, such as tying her shoes or doing dishes.  Life was very challenging for her with so much pain.

She had seen every specialist under the sun and done every single test they offered, but still, no one could find out what was wrong with her or why she was experiencing so much pain.

The nicest thing that anyone ever said to her was that she needed to learn to live with it. The most terrible thing that anyone ever said to her about her pain was that she was crazy, and it was all in her head.  In fact, she unfortunately heard that pretty frequently.

This chronic pain ended up costing her so much.  It cost her her job, her friends and her social life.

However, a miracle happened, and Mary Anne’s life completely changed.

She did finally find out what was going on, and she did find a long-term solution that actually worked. She found a doctor that didn’t tell her that she was crazy, or that it was just in her head. She found a doctor that actually took the time to realize that there was an issue with her nervous system.

If you feel similar to Mary Anne, I want you to know that there’s definitely hope. There’s always a solution out there for you, and I can hep you find it.

My name is Dr. Alicia and I’m the owner of The Specific here in Roseville.