Have you ever had an accident where it was a major trauma – such as a car accident, or maybe something as simple as lifting up a really heavy box?

Afterwards, you had intense neck pain and stiffness – you can’t move it, and it’s probably super painful. It may have eventually fixed itself where the stiffness and pain went away.

Later on in life, be it a few weeks or a few months or years, you start to notice that you’re getting routine headaches or even worse – migraines. And you’ve never even had headaches before, so this is new to you.

Then further down the road, perhaps you also develop some anxiety or some emotional struggle.

Have you ever felt that all of those issues may have been connected to when you tried lifting that box or when you had that car accident and your neck was super stiff? Most likely that is connected.  Many people don’t consider how all of the events in their lives are connected, but everything in life adds up.

There is no normal amount of pain, no normal amount of headaches or anxiety that anyone we’ll have to deal with in their life.

Dr. Alicia Tsounis